Trigger your focus listening to good music!

Become the owner of your time. Time to build your mixtapes! :D

What is this all about?

Songdoro is a remix, a recipe where I've added pomodoro technique + powersongs + playlists to people who love to do stuff listening to music.

Pomodoro Technique is a productivity tool created by Francesco Cirillo, where you create short cycles and make sure you are working in the most important thing at the moment, without interruptions.

Powersongs is a concept I've got listening to my sister talking about her time running and using nike running. When you are about to finish your time running you can call for a power song to increase your motivation.

Mixtapes well, I used to be a k7 lover and always loved to build special sets to people I love. So now I have fun building playlists to work and create new stuff.

Each songdoro is a little piece of emotion. You can create songdoros to feel tranquility or to get ready to produce your work.

And is this a software? No. It's just a concept you can use and share. Build your own playlists and share where you prefer!

I have added all of this together to make my time working a fun moment. I love the concept of the pomodoro technique to focus and I have mixed all these concepts to become with the songdoro concept.

Build one #songdoro and share!

-- Daniel Wildt

How do I build one?

Define a theme and choose your songs.

The last song is a break song. So if you are building a rock songdoro, try a different tune, maybe a calm and acoustic version of a song you like. This song is your time to catch up and document what you have done so far, and prepare to a next songdoro.

The last two songs are your powersongs. They help you to get your stuff done. You really care about these two songs. Choose them wisely. :)

Your playlist need to be around 25 minutos plus a 4-5 minutes break song. Total 30 minutes.


Read more about songdoro!

Here are extra references I wrote about songdoro, like the first post I did about the idea and material available in Brazilian Portuguese.

About Daniel Wildt

I'm an entrepreneur and software developer who loves Management, Lean Thinking, Design and Agile Methodologies.

I've been studying about time since 2006 and practicing management and planning techniques for a while. The songdoro was something that came through practice.

I document and knowledge using my blog, my youtube channel and my podcast.

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